• On receipt of a client’s product brief NUTRIPHARM will prepare a specification for the product for confirmation by the client.
  • On receipt of the client’s confirmation of the specification, NUTRIPHARM will formulate the product to the sample stage. We then send samples to the client for taste testing as well as indicative costing.
  • When agreement has been reached between the parties relating to product taste, contents and price, the client is then at the point of being able to order. To facilitate forward ordering of raw materials and production space, forward forecasts are requested from the client.
  • A Letter of Credit is required to accompany an order before NUTRIPHARM will commit to producing it. At that time the client is advised of shipment date and estimated arrival date.
  • NUTRIPHARM then arranges manufacture and shipment to the client in accordance with the agreed timetable. NUTRIPHARM takes no responsibility for any import licences, customs duties, levies or taxes imposed on importing product into the client’s country.

NUTRIPHARM aims at being as flexible as possible in meeting our clients’ needs.

If you have an interest in sourcing products from New Zealand, please do so by going to Contacts and Inquiries.

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